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Best of AZ 2022 Winner

Steffan Stewart

ChewsyPets Brand Identity

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Lift Lopes Up: Mental Health Campaign

12 Days Of Craft Cocktails

Twisted Union Wine Co. Brand

Arizona Teacher Residency Logo

Box Flow Grow Brand System

Small Space, Big Taste Cookbook

Ideas Video

Ideas Collide Streaming

Crypto Compliance Symposium Campaign: Email & Social Media

Activate48 Brand Design

AZ Humane Society Website

Port of Mars Website Redesign and Prototype

Employee Retreat (Rookie) Trading Cards

The Art of Construction - Renaissance Rebrand

Desert Flourish

Ethington Theatre 2021-2022 Season Posters

Game Redesign: Dutch Blitz

Autism Goes To College website

Scrub Smarter, Not Harder.

Hong Kong Apple Daily Redesign Project

Pima County Public Library Annual Report 2020-21

Visions for Tomorrow: CPLC Annual Report 2021

Insect Mouthpart Categories

City of Tucson Mark & Brand Guide

Five Days of Christmas at the Lopes Shops

IncentivePilot Product Design

Esparza Community Workshop Brand Identity & Website

DWL Architects + Brand Identity

Pfizer - Impactful Holiday Campaign

TikTok: Business Case Study

Phoenix Design Week (*end) 2021

Michael Waltrip Brewing Beer Packaging

Spring 2022 National Open House Campaign

Enterprise Eyeballs Brand and Motion Design

Motive Journey

Game Redesign: Kaiaulu

Waiting for Rain

You Had to Be There: An Insider’s Travel Guide to Arizona & Indiana

Game Redesign: Pit

ChewsyPets Brand Identity

TikTok: Care Products

Systematica | A Typeface

Texas Blue Bonnet Bottle

Two-Sided Welcome Bug: Jewel Scarab

Phoenix Design Week 2022: Keep It Real

Bennet Coaching Brand System

Girls' Weekend

The Story of Strategy

Fresh Craving Social Content

Aerobic Soil Microfauna

Picky - The little app that helps you pick