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Best of AZ 2022 Winner

Steffan Stewart

ChewsyPets Brand Identity

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Game Redesign: Kaiaulu

Phoenix Design Week 2022: Keep It Real

Scrub Smarter, Not Harder.

Employee Retreat (Rookie) Trading Cards

Esparza Community Workshop Brand Identity & Website

Autism Goes To College website

The Story of Strategy

Motive Journey

Arizona Teacher Residency Logo

City of Tucson Mark & Brand Guide

Girls' Weekend

Visions for Tomorrow: CPLC Annual Report 2021

TikTok: Care Products

Michael Waltrip Brewing Beer Packaging

DWL Architects + Brand Identity

You Had to Be There: An Insider’s Travel Guide to Arizona & Indiana

Crypto Compliance Symposium Campaign: Email & Social Media

Ideas Video

Texas Blue Bonnet Bottle

TikTok: Business Case Study

Ideas Collide Streaming

ChewsyPets Brand Identity

Phoenix Design Week (*end) 2021

Small Space, Big Taste Cookbook

Lift Lopes Up: Mental Health Campaign

Picky - The little app that helps you pick

Port of Mars Website Redesign and Prototype

Pfizer - Impactful Holiday Campaign

Hong Kong Apple Daily Redesign Project

12 Days Of Craft Cocktails

Systematica | A Typeface

Twisted Union Wine Co. Brand

The Art of Construction - Renaissance Rebrand

Insect Mouthpart Categories

Two-Sided Welcome Bug: Jewel Scarab

Box Flow Grow Brand System

Spring 2022 National Open House Campaign

Game Redesign: Dutch Blitz

Fresh Craving Social Content

Aerobic Soil Microfauna

Desert Flourish

Game Redesign: Pit

IncentivePilot Product Design

AZ Humane Society Website

Activate48 Brand Design

Bennet Coaching Brand System

Waiting for Rain

Pima County Public Library Annual Report 2020-21

Enterprise Eyeballs Brand and Motion Design

Ethington Theatre 2021-2022 Season Posters

Five Days of Christmas at the Lopes Shops