IncentivePilot Product Design

by John Fassold
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IncentivePilot Product Design

Submission by

John Fassold

Project Lead

John Fassold / Project Lead


Stephanie Lauderback, Creative Director Andrew Phelps, Co-Founder & CEO

While IncentivePilot has seen an exponential growth in revenue and active users, the design of the product had not received an aesthetic reexamination for some time. As the brand developed and the design systems were established, IncentivePilot sought a Version 2.0 of the product's UX design and appearance that was connected to their ambitions and company goals.

In collaboration with the entire IncentivePilot team, a top-to-bottom reevaluation of the current product was conducted to uncover potential UX/UI pain points. These roadblocks, coupled with the study of industry best practices, aided the approach taken for the redesign of the IncentivePilot platform.

The result? A beautiful, cutting-edge product that meets the needs of IncentivePilot's current clients, while also serving as a sturdy foundation for future users. Three pillars of attitude and style forged the final look and feel: professionalism, modernity, and flat-out fun!

Featured Image of: John Fassold

John Fassold

For the last two years, I would browse AIGA Arizona Best Of with a sense of resignation. "I'm not good enough to submit anything for this," I constantly told myself. Now, as I provide my first ever submission, something has dawned on me. Self-confidence is not inherently connected to the quality of my work. These two entities coexist, but do not necessarily affect one another. This submission could be an incredible feat, yet if I incessantly told myself that it belonged in the garbage bin, I'd likely believe it. I'm so excited to share this project, not only as a way of expressing pride in my work, but to take the reins of self-advocacy. I owe so much to my team at IncentivePilot for instilling a culture centered on creativity, and I am encouraged by AIGA Arizona providing the platform for people to carve their own pedestal of self-expression.

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