Box Flow Grow Brand System

by Kameron Davis
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Box Flow Grow Brand System


PWR Design


Box Flow Grow

Submission by

Kameron Davis

Project Lead

Kameron Davis / Parker Dellis


Alex Barr, Webflow Developer

Box Flow Grow is a hybrid boxing, yoga, and general fitness gym located in Longwood, Florida. They want to provide their clients with the skills to overcome life. With boxing being a very hard sport they challenge the athletes minds and bodies through authentic boxing skills. Yoga is also provided so the athlete becomes one with their body.

For us this was one of the biggest brand challenges we have taken on. We were building new visual brand and a full website for them. We had a couple general constraints when starting the project like having to work around the circle badge icon that Box Flow Grow was already using as a sign for their building. That icon has ‘Power’ on it really big and ‘Box Flow Grow’ in smaller letters. We ultimately created a new word mark logo for them using the original type from that badge.

Now for the things we could control we wanted to make sure we leaned on the right brand personality to make sure that Box Flow Grow was grabbing the attention of the clients they wanted. We did this by choosing a brand archetype and sticking to it. Their archetype is very obviously the hero archetype. So in the design to play that up we used texture, the color gold, and a more handwritten secondary font.

All of these design choices were carried over to the website we built them which was built by Alex Barr.

Overall this was a big undertaking but a great experience with a great client. We always appreciate the opportunity to get to know your business so deeply.

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Kameron Davis

I'm Kameron Davis and I moved to Arizona in 2018. In 2020, I was laid off from my career as a mechanical engineer and made the decision to never go back. Right then and there I decided to start my journey towards design as my new career. That is when I realized I had no clue how the design world worked. This is when I reached out to the Arizona design community for guidance and they were nothing but helpful and amazing. It's been 2 years since I was laid off and I am still on the path to continue to be a better designer.

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