Esparza Community Workshop Brand Identity & Website

by Prescott Perez-Fox
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Esparza Community Workshop Brand Identity & Website

Submission by

Prescott Perez-Fox

Project Lead

Prescott Perez-Fox / Creative Director & Faculty Advisor


John Blair & Lauryn Armstrong, Graphic Design Sarah Huffman, Illustration Amy Hector, Photography & Web Design

The Si Se Puede Foundation, a multifaceted non-profit advancing opportunities for underserved youth, needed a comprehensive identity system for their newly-launch STEM initiative. Having acquired a new building in Chandler, the Foundation turned to the GIT Creative Agency to build a brand that could carry the mission and help highlight their important work.

The project was huge in scope. Beginning with brand strategy and naming, the Agency moved to visual exploration and the creating the core identity elements, before building out the system with original illustration, and iconography systems. With feedback and input from the Foundation clients along the way, the team designed and developed an entire website, wrote and laid out a comprehensive brand guidelines document, arranged multiple photoshoots to build a library of bespoke images, and even recommended furniture and fittings to coordinate the Workshop interiors with the larger visual system.

The small team of student designers also documented their process and presented this project as a case study to their fellow students, faculty, and community at the GIT Awards in December 2021.

Featured Image of: Prescott Perez-Fox

Prescott Perez-Fox

We should pause as we judge this project to acknowledge once again that this work was performed by students! True, they were elite students selected through an application process, but this cluster of amateurs (I say that with love) had never worked together previously, never developed a brand identity in this fashion, never presented multiple, unfinished concepts to real-life clients (heck, never presented _anything_ to a client!) and had never taken on any project with such a scale. They absolutely nailed it! The trick, if you can call it that, is to trust the process and keep going, even when there's confusion, uncertainly, frustration or doubt. Oh, and they actually created an entire separate project during that same semester! This team really kicked butt.

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