Game Redesign: Dutch Blitz

by Noah Fischer
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Game Redesign: Dutch Blitz





Submission by

Noah Fischer

Project Lead

Kaleigh Van Dam / Graphic Designer


Rachel den Dulk, Student Designer Noah Fischer, Student Copywriter

Each semester, student copywriters and graphic designers from Grand Canyon University (GCU) join to work on a passion project that allows them to embrace their creativity and challenges them to learn new skills and successfully work together as a team. In Spring 2022, the students decided to bring new life to popular family games by redesigning a game of their choice, from the game itself to packaging and instructions.

This group decided to put a fresh spin on a classic card game, Dutch Blitz. If you’re unfamiliar with Dutch Blitz, it can be compared to a quick and energetic game of solitaire and the goal is to use up something called your Blitz Pile, similar to solitaire’s stock pile.

While the original game felt old fashioned with difficult-to-follow instructions, this group’s game redesign brings Dutch Blitz back to life.

Inspired by Dutch culture and language, the redesigned game stays true to its roots with intricate fairytale patterns and details, folklore illustrations and various textures. The rich tapestry of Holland permeates every aspect of the game redesign from brightly colored cards to a storybook inspired instruction packet.

This passion project allowed the students to not only create a reimagined game for friends and family to bond over for generations but gave them the opportunity to think through the creative process, work through trial and error and consider the operational decisions required when working with vendors.

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