Ideas Collide Streaming

by Ryan Katz
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Ideas Collide Streaming


Ideas Collide


Ideas Collide

Submission by

Ryan Katz

Project Lead

Christine Patton / Kendra Dingley


Nicole Eberhart, Interior Designer

At Ideas Collide, we turned a vintage 1956 Spartanette trailer into a sparkling studio designed for creativity, content, and connection. Parked on-site at the Pemberton PHX, this satellite site is an exciting extension of our office—and serves as a space where team members and clients can collaborate and be immersed in the revitalization and re-imagination of Phoenix.

Ideas Collide Streaming Studio is the perfect place for podcast and video production. With full audio, video, and content creation capabilities, our Dream “Stream” Team can bring your podcast and video projects to life.

In March of 2022, Ideas Collide Streaming was officially launched as a space where community members can film their podcast episodes but also as a place to connect with one another and share ideas and inspiration for projects that can make an impact on the Phoenix community.

The initiative consisted of creating an overall brand for IC streaming including a logo, trailer wrap design, and other digital and printed promotional collateral including social media videos and designs as well as tri-folds, hats, shirts, stickers and PopSockets.

The Ideas Collide Streaming trailer embodies the agency’s core values of innovation, making an impact, and giving back to the community. To learn about IC Streaming visit,

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