TikTok: Care Products

by Fabian Tejada
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TikTok: Care Products


Fabian Tejada

Submission by

Fabian Tejada

Project Lead

Fabian Tejada / Art Director & Motion Designer


Client: Client: TikTok Business Design Director: Ishaan Mishra Production Studio: Eastward (DC/LA) EP: Jake Bulgarino Creative Director: Jamie Young Producer: Donna Wood Editor: Jamie Young Animation Studio: De Los Angeles Studio (AZ) Art Director: Fabian Tejada Motion Design: Fabian Tejada

TikTok: Care Products
Personal care content is exploding on TikTok and they needed a creative way to tell everyone, from salesmen to C-suite execs, to get in on the action. Blending inspiration from the vast library of emoji expressions. This animation targets industry marketers on why passing on TikTok would be a big mistake.

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