Pima County Public Library Annual Report 2020-21

by Carolina Caples
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Pima County Public Library Annual Report 2020-21


Carolina Caples/ In-House graphic design specialist for Pima County Public Library


Pima County Public Library

Submission by

Carolina Caples

Project Lead

Carolina Caples / Carolina Caples


Holly Schaffer, Writer Brenda Limon-Condit, Randy Metcalf and Gerald Loew, Photographers Carolina Caples, Illustration

Each year, Pima County Public Library releases an annual report, which, contrary to popular opinion about such reports, is both entertaining and informative, and provides an on-the-ground look at what makes the library special. Various staff write about serving their community, volunteers participate in Q&As, and customers share inspiring stories about their relationship with the public library. The report is so beautifully designed that staff at 27 branches put them out for display and, quite often, run out. The purpose of the work is two-fold—to demonstrate to community leaders the inherent value of the library, boost staff morale, and, of course, to show the community that we are invested in their stories, not just circulation numbers.

Our solution absolutely meets the goal. We receive attention both locally—from Pima County administrators and other leaders—and nationally—the Urban Libraries Council (an innovative network of more than 160 leading North American public libraries based in Washington, DC) regularly features our annual report in their blog. Another thing to note is our commitment to producing the report. During the pandemic, when libraries were closed and, following, hours were reduced, we decided to publish an online version so people could still access it. We received praise for this effort, as it was especially significant during a time when social isolation was a difficult barrier. It allowed customers to connect with us and our innovative work even when they weren’t physically present in our buildings.

Featured Image of: Carolina Caples

Carolina Caples

I feel totally blessed to be able to do the work that I am doing in the Arizona design community. My experience with design in the last year has been pretty fantastic. I work for the Pima County Public Library which enables me to promote very cool programs, offerings, and services which uplift and serve the members of our community. I wake up feeling good about the work that I get to do! My background is in painting which I transfer over to the design process as much as I can. I think using these two part of designing and thinking meshed together comes up with interesting results. The internet has brought Arizona an exposure to art that it had not seen when I was in college so I'm loving seeing the elevation of design influenced by global aesthetics. I love being a contributor in this process giving my own unique vision influenced by my Mexican-American heritage and point of view.

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