Ethington Theatre 2021-2022 Season Posters

by Paige Thomas
featured image:Ethington Theatre 2021-2022 Season Posters featured image two:Ethington Theatre 2021-2022 Season Posters featured image three:Ethington Theatre 2021-2022 Season Posters featured image four:Ethington Theatre 2021-2022 Season Posters featured image five:Ethington Theatre 2021-2022 Season Posters


Ethington Theatre 2021-2022 Season Posters


GCE Ad Agency


GCU College of Arts and Media

Submission by

Paige Thomas

Project Lead

Diana Cheek / Senior Graphic Designer


Chad Wilson, Executive Creative Director Ele Fisher, Creative Director Kristin Fisher, Art Director Jessica Foncannon, Art Director Ashley Maish, Copywriter

With a history spanning more than 60 years, Grand Canyon University's Ethington Theatre was thrilled for its artists to step back onto the traditional stage after a period when many performance groups took to outdoor or virtual performances.

When Grand Canyon University’s performing arts troupe returned to the theatre after a season under the stars, the GCU marketing team chose a “Welcome Back” theme to ensure a full theatre, encouraging patrons to feel confident in returning to Ethington in person and showing them that there was indeed a show (or many) that appealed to their tastes.

This campaign consisted of many assets including video, photography, email, social media, flyers and more, with season posters being significant assets in the campaign’s success. With consideration for the colors, imagery and typography that evoked the essence of each performance, the designer created a full season poster as well as individual posters for each of the following shows:

• The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940
• Radium Girls
• The Addams Family
• Winter Dance Concert: Emerge
• The Lady’s Not for Burning
• Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
• Spring Dance Concert: Testimony

The approved designs were paired with creative, succinct and purposeful copy to make the season collateral come to life. Posters were displayed around campus and included in various campaign assets, contributing not only to increased ticket sales and a great reentrance to the in-person season but to an increase in direct donations to Ethington Theatre.

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