ChewsyPets Brand Identity

by Steffan Stewart
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ChewsyPets Brand Identity





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Steffan Stewart

Project Lead

Steffan Stewart / Co-Founder/Brand Strategist


Steffan Stewart, Brand Strategy/Identity Design/Creative Direction Colton Barry, Art Direction

If you have a pet, chances are you've experienced buying them a toy that has collected dust. Like people, pets have preferences–and when it comes to toys, sometimes that preference is a tennis ball or a rope toy, while other times it's the cardboard box you just unpacked. But one thing is for certain–nothing beats the feeling of giving your pet the perfect toy. And what better way to give your pet that 'perfect toy' that to craft it yourself?

This is where ChewsyPets comes in. They approached us to brand their new business–a platform to build custom toys for your picky pet (imagine Build-A-Bear for pet toys). After workshopping and defining a brand strategy, we got to work on the logo. We wanted the mark to be playful while telling a clear story of who ChewsyPets is. As the primary pet for custom toys is dogs, the mark itself is comprised of a "CP" puzzle piece monogram that forms a dog, while also being representative of customizing a toy for your pet. The dog's paw is also on a ball, indicating a "selected" toy/its toy of choice. The team instantly fell in love with the logo, which was also featured in this year's LogoLounge 13!

After the logo was approved we dove into the visual system. We chose a bright, playful color palette, with blue and yellow as the primary colors for the logo, as a representation of playfulness and your relationship with your pet (these colors also happen to be the only 2 colors a dog can see!). In addition to the logo, we built a full visual system along with fun illustrations, and are currently working on packaging and website UX/UI for the ChewsyPets team.

ChewsyPets is planning for an official launch in late 2022–early 2023.

Featured Image of: Steffan Stewart

Steffan Stewart

This year has been a blast! We've worked with some amazing people on some rad projects, have won some cool awards, and are excited to see where things go from here! The Phoenix creative community has always been special to us, and if our contribution is anything, it's to show the world that there's great design here in the desert.

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