Hong Kong Apple Daily Redesign Project

by Yuxin Qin
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Hong Kong Apple Daily Redesign Project


Apple Daily

Submission by

Yuxin Qin

Project Lead

Danielle Foushee / Professor


Nancy—The Owner of Hazel & Violet (a local letterpress shop in Phoenix)

This project is to redesign Apple News in Hong Kong, which closed in 2020. It was inspired by Bruce Lee's quote, "Be Water My Friend", because it represents the spirit of Hong Kong. The redesign included logos, brand colors, brand statements, poster design, web design, and newspaper design.

The challenge of the project was to apply brand elements to different mediums to ensure that each medium could have the same look and feel. In addition, the redesigned version is related to the original version, making the audience feel intimate. As a media company with a history of more than 26 years, I adopted the letterpress and vintage paper texture in different media as a special tone to show a sense of history.

Featured Image of: Yuxin Qin

Yuxin Qin

My name is Yuxin Qin and I am currently a graduate student majoring in Master of Visual Communication Design at Arizona State University. I joined the student group of ASU AIGA in July 2022. It is such a great honor to join this family. I came on board under the influence of my professors Alfred Sanft, Lisa Pena, Michelle Fehler, and Danielle Foushee. I often see them posting ASU AIGA events on social media. As an international student, I am full of yearning for this. I have always wanted to join AIGA because I know how creative and diverse this organization is. Now I have finally achieved my goal. In the future, I will participate all different kinds of ASU AIGA and AIGA AZ events, hoping to get in touch with more excellent designers and have the opportunity to communicate and cooperate with them to design a better world together!

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