Desert Flourish

by Jessica Foncannon
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Desert Flourish


Available for Licensing

Submission by

Jessica Foncannon

Project Lead

Jessica Foncannon / Surface Pattern Designer & Illustrator


Come with me into the Arizona desert as we venture through a Sonoran vista at sunset and into twilight. Stretch out your legs and hear the crunch of the dusty gravel under your feet. You find your way, winding around rock rivers, past rugged mountains and wandering through forests of cholla and jojoba bushes. Thrust into an environment full of thrashing heat and thorny trials, maybe the conditions are more harsh than you ever imagined. Yet, even in the most dire and extreme environments in our life, there is beauty; there is life; there is color in the drab; and we can flourish in the desert.

This collection of repeat patterns & illustrations is representative of a fork in the trail of my creative career as I venture into surface pattern design. Designed for the outdoor gear industry, these patterns are inspired by outdoor adventures with my family, trekking trails around Superstition Mountains and are available for licensing.

Featured Image of: Jessica Foncannon

Jessica Foncannon

Like a unified river that was suddenly thrust over a cliff edge, we're still navigating all of the moving obstacles from the pandemic. For 1.5 years, I was a full-time+ art director, homeschooling teacher to two kids, chef, gym coach, mental health therapist, fill-in-the-blank, you know...we all lived it! It was too much! So, I happen to be one of the women in that reported statistic who had to resign. After stepping away from an amazing company this last year, I pivoted by launching my own small business. I've had the opportunity to wear many hats: graphic designer, surface pattern designer, illustrator, professor, wedding photographer, landscape photographer, but most importantly, supportive wife and guiding mom. I've learned that one of the essential components to a successful business is community and connection. Even though I'm no longer a part of that same team, my old co-workers continue to reach out and make me feel like I am. We collaborate and we've stayed connected. I've mentored them and they've mentored me. We've passed freelance projects back and forth, offering insights into the world of invoices, contracts and camaraderie in freelancing. These are the amazing designers of this Arizona design community that make it what it is, maintaining a strong, unified flow no matter the obstacles.

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