Phoenix Design Week (*end) 2021

by Kathy Morgan
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Phoenix Design Week (*end) 2021


AIGA Arizona

Submission by

Kathy Morgan

Project Lead

Ryan Anderson & Tara Anderson / Creative Directors


Morgan Clark, Phoenix Design Week (*end) Co-Director / AIGA Arizona Vice President Nicole Norgren, Phoenix Design Week (*end) Co-Director / AIGA Arizona President Jenn Monroy, Phoenix Design Week (*end) Creative Manager & Communications Director Kathy Morgan, Phoenix Design Week (*end) Advisory Director / AIGA Arizona Treasurer Molly Meisenzahl, Phoenix Design Week (*end) Communications Support / AIGA Arizona Chapter Manager Tori Hauser, Phoenix Design Week (*end) Design & Communications Support Ryan Anderson / Tara Anderson / Dot Pixel, Branding, Creative and Design Direction John Fassold / Andrew Phelps / Robby Doyle / Stephanie Lauderback / User10 Website Development Aaron Kilby / Artisan Colour, Phoenix Design Week (*end) Print Partner Fabian Tejada, Video Production AIGA Arizona Board of Directors

This brand and campaign promote Phoenix Design Week, AIGA Arizona’s premier annual event. Normally, Phoenix Design Week (PHXDW) is a two-day professional conference and a week­long series of events.

Faced with yet another year in the virtual space, together with team member fatigue, we put forth a radical idea: what if PHXDW 2021 is the opposite of design? What if we let attendees design their own event? What if it’s a weekend instead of a week? Phoenix Design Week (*end) and the theme of “SANS” was born:

Phoenix Design Week has always delivered... But if we stripped that all away—if we were sans all the bells and whistles—would there be anything left?

YES. We have a community that truly makes this event worth having. The community that ... survives and thrives beyond a single week and four walls.

This year we celebrate the “without”, as it’s shown us our strength within. It’s in the season of SANS that we cordially invite our design community to be the serif, the color, the texture, the dimension, the _______ that brings this event to life.

Brand elements were reduced to black and white with a coloring-book look. The community at large was encouraged to color in their own PHXDW ideas and send them to us, which were compiled into the promotional video. The on-trend asterisk character represents what’s missing. Virtual attendees also received a set of keepsake swag in the mail to maintain the year-over-year continuity.

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