DWL Architects + Brand Identity

by Brent Gural
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DWL Architects + Brand Identity


DWL Architects +

Submission by

Brent Gural

Project Lead

Brent Gural / Creative Designer


Lorin Brown, writer

The original creative brief for this project was to expand on the 8-page brand guide that includes more colors in the color palette and fonts that can actually work on the new website. At the time, I was the in-house Graphic Designer for DWL Architects + and took on this project with the Director of Marketing. With the direction provided above, I worked on developing a full brand identity, because they didn't truly have one. This included clarifying the mission, values, and vision that coexisted with the messaging instead of standing separately. The font system needed more than just the logotype font being used in every material, so a full system was developed with three fonts used in strategic materials. After that came the color palette which needed colors that actually spoke to the new identity and introducing supporting and accent colors along with when to use them made for a fully encompassing brand guide.

The next heavy lift was developing the design system which included icons for the core values, sectors, and services these were carefully crafted to match the new identity and systems. This project needed buy-in from the principal architects and support from the full staff in order to be adopted successfully and carried out in further materials. After a few presentations and distribution of needed materials the agency was able to incorporate the new branding in many successful ways.

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Brent Gural

My experience this past year was filled with unique opportunities, not just with different design projects but also finding the right place for me to practice my craft. I made the switch, not once, but twice... I can and will be creative in whatever role I take on. One of the major factors for my switch was for overall wellbeing, having a family (My Wife, 2 kids, and 3 dogs) my main focus is to be involved and not absent. Sometimes our opportunity is to make the best out of our situation and this year's Best of 2022 submission is just that, for me. I look forward to what I can submit next year. Thanks!

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