Bennet Coaching Brand System

by Kameron Davis
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Bennet Coaching Brand System


Kameron Davis

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Kameron Davis

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Kameron Davis / Parker Dellis


Alex Barr, Webflow Developer

The owner of Bennett Coaching has been a certified career coach for almost a decade but has mostly worked for bigger institutions. They wanted to now build an identity to house clients that they will be working with on the side, which creates a couple interesting problems. What will this new brand's voice sound like now that it is on its own? What type of clientele will that voice attract? And how do we create an identity that has a look that is completely independent of the big institution? Will we have to stay away from the institutions colors?

When it came to strategy, we used the Story Brand formula because we knew this brand would rely heavily on the owner's life experience. The why behind the brand would of course be the why the owner had for even diving into this type of work. What was revealed was that the owner had a soft spot for millennials (also being one herself) and the huge life decisions we are currently making with or careers and families. Do I take the only opportunity I might receive at a high-level job or do I start my family and know I might never be offered them again? The juggling act begins. How do you find guidance in these decisions? We realized that this was our position to fill. Elite career navigation aimed at the millennial crowd.

Now that we had a direction, where did the brand need to live? LinkedIn and their own website were the big spots. Now was time to build the systems. We built a logo, type, and color system that was responsive for the situations the owner might need them. We then applied those to some social media pieces and a website.

This was another big project for us but so much fun and learning. The value we were able to bring to this business owner's super strong ‘why’ will be around for a long time.

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Kameron Davis

I'm Kameron Davis and I moved to Arizona in 2018. In 2020, I was laid off from my career as a mechanical engineer and made the decision to never go back. Right then and there I decided to start my journey towards design as my new career. That is when I realized I had no clue how the design world worked. This is when I reached out to the Arizona design community for guidance and they were nothing but helpful and amazing. It's been 2 years since I was laid off and I am still on the path to continue to be a better designer.

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