Scrub Smarter, Not Harder.

by Rani Sweis
featured image:Scrub Smarter, Not Harder. featured image two:Scrub Smarter, Not Harder. featured image three:Scrub Smarter, Not Harder. featured image four:Scrub Smarter, Not Harder. featured image five:Scrub Smarter, Not Harder.


Scrub Smarter, Not Harder.





Submission by

Rani Sweis

Project Lead

Rani Sweis / Creative Director


Elias Mule, Brand Designer Lauren Carr-Gasso, Messaging Strategist Kathy Morgan, Brand Strategist

As a healthcare innovator looking to pave its way into the technology space, SmartScrubs looked to AtticSalt to take their brand out of its uniform retailer past, and into a future centered around its technology.

Through a refined content strategy and bold visual system, our team helped SmartScrubs clear the clutter and create a brand better suited for the noisy digital landscape.

We refreshed their existing logo and gave it a bright future in print and digital platforms, developed fun new visual system that can easily adapt to any of the brand's future needs.

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