Activate48 Brand Design

by Angela Soliz
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Activate48 Brand Design


Activate 48

Submission by

Angela Soliz

Project Lead

Angela Soliz / N/A


Kristen Day, website developer

Creating brand story systems for organizations with passion and vision is why my studio started. We believe in the power of graphic design to communicate not just a message, but a movement. Activate 48 is an organization with a complex story and a multifaceted mission; their goal is to work together and across movements to grow the political power, civic engagement, and leadership of historically marginalized communities for a more just and equitable future in the State of Arizona. No small task! We developed a brand that is versatile in its functionality for both the public facing engagement and the behind-the-scenes advocacy work that Activate 48 carries out. More significantly, we developed a graphic system that carries the narrative. The state flag iconography of the sun rays are re-purposed in the logo system to reflect the story of what happens when this organizations work is successful: rays of light and liberation spread across the state. Additional graphic elements support the concept of what a new, integrated Arizona would look like. The result is a dynamic modern brand that translates the energy, passion and vision of the organization itself.

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Angela Soliz

I am so grateful to be a part of AIGA Arizona and the Arizona design community in general. Our state is full to brimming with incredible talent and innovative design. I love attending meetups and getting to celebrate my fellow designers. It's a wonderful group to be a part of.

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