Insect Mouthpart Categories

by Bobby Long
featured image:Insect Mouthpart Categories


Insect Mouthpart Categories

Submission by

Bobby Long

Project Lead

Bobby Long: NearsightGraphite / Bobby Long: NearsightGraphite


Bill Plant, Museum Director Shiloe Fontes, Exhibit Designer

The Flandrau Science Center and Planetarium of Tucson, AZ commissioned a suite of illustrations depicting the four main categories of insect mouthparts for the Wild World of Bugs exhibit (running 2021 to present). To visualize the accompanying explanations of their specialized feeding tools and diets in the “Bug Bistro” area, I drew a generalized representative for each major evolutionary category:

• Chewing — Ant
• Lapping — Housefly.
• Siphoning — Butterfly.
• Piercing — Mosquito.

Graphite and digital color. Each approx 12”x12”

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