Enterprise Eyeballs Brand and Motion Design

by Andrew Phelps
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Enterprise Eyeballs Brand and Motion Design


In house at IncentivePilot / Beast



Submission by

Andrew Phelps

Project Lead

Andrew Phelps / Creative Director, Designer


Travis Lachner, Executive Producer Jack Saxon, Video Editor Chris Conti, Contributing Motion Designer Steph Lauderback, Contributing Graphic Designer John Fassold, Contributing Graphic Designer

The Enterprise Eyeballs Podcast was started to share creative and unorthodox ideas for humanizing business-to-business marketing in the world of giant technology companies (in this context, the word enterprise is often used to refer to businesses with over 1,000 employees or over $100 million dollars in annual revenue). The brand name, visual identity, and motion design needed to be bold and unorthodox to stay true to the vision and theme of the show. Used as an asset for marketing technology and gamification company, IncentivePilot, Enterprise Eyeballs also incorporates a themed game called Tap to Flap for ending the show with a laugh. Although full episodes are available on all major platforms, including YouTube, the primary medium for the show is short video clips posted on social media. Everything has been designed from the ground up to catch attention and tell stories in a short form format.

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The year of 2022 has been all about putting my money where my mouth is. After a decade of working for design clients, mostly in the realm of UX/UI, I have stepped into the role of CEO to take IncentivePilot to market. I have committed myself to call the shots and operate with the boldness that I claimed I would have if I were in the position of my clients in the past. It's not always easy. In many ways, I feel like an imposter. In some ways, I am. Still, it's a great adventure and I wouldn't trade it for the world. I feel so lucky.

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