AIGA-AZ Best Of 2022 Call for submissions now open!

Contribute the best work you've done this year to AIGA Arizona's design archive and be entered to win Best of 2022 honors at Phoenix Design Week!

submission entry is now closed.

The Best of 2022 project is part of an ongoing initiative by AIGA Arizona to catalog and chronicle the people and creativity that make up Arizona's vibrant design community. Each year since 2014, the Best Of exhibition has been shown in person at the Phoenix Design Week conference, and after the past two virtual years, we’re thrilled to bring it back to real life at Phoenix Art Museum.

All entries (space permitting) will be presented in a physical display during the Phoenix Design Week: KEEP IT REAL conference on Saturday and Sunday, September 24–25, 2022, as well as in an online gallery for digital entries. In a “people’s choice” contest, attendees at the conference will cast votes for their favorite. The entry that receives the most votes will be announced as Best of 2022 at the end of the conference on Sunday, September 25. The AIGA AZ board of directors may also choose to award special recognition depending on the number of entries and votes received.

The Best Of 2022 winner receives a free pass to next year’s Phoenix Design Week, a blog profile on our website, and is included in the graphics for the following year – just like Jen Flaks' winning entry from 2021 featured in the background of the header above.

In the voting, viewers are asked to evaluate each entry and vote for the one(s) that exhibit the best that design can be. When deciding what to submit, consider how your project:

  • Solves a challenge in a unique way
  • Communicates a message effectively
  • Demonstrates an inspired degree of creativity, talent, and skill
  • Makes excellent use of the medium – printed or digital
  • Marks a significant milestone or point in time
  • Surprises and delights your audience
  • Is a source of pride for you!

The rules are easy: There is no entry fee – yay! The only requirements are (a) you must have been a resident of Arizona at the time the piece was created, (b) the project was first created between October 15, 2021 and September 2, 2022, and (c) there is a limit of 2 entries per person/firm (for items such as a brand project or a campaign, please submit multiple related executions as a single entry).

Hint: Don’t get hung up on the “Best Of” title – if you’ve worked on something this year that you are justifiably proud of, please send it in. The true goal of this initiative is to build AIGA Arizona’s historical archive of the designers that live and work in our state, the clients and organizations we work for, and the design trends over the years. And having your work displayed IRL at Phoenix Art Museum this year – hello, how awesome is that?

No matter who you are — individual designer, agency, in-house group, and students — we want to see and show off what you have been working on this year. Ready, set, go: show us YOUR best of 2022!

Yes! Please consider my work for the AIGA AZ Design Archive and the Best of 2022 vote during Phoenix Design Week. I am submitting (choose all that apply):

About Your Submission

Other Contributors

you would like to mention who were integral to this project, such as designers, illustrator, writer, developer, printer, photographer, etc.


Attach Cover Image(s)

Please attach up to 5 still images (JPG or PNG) that best represent your submission. The first image will be used as the cover image in the online gallery, so choose a good one! For Web/Interactive/Motion projects, please include a representative still or screen shot that will be your cover image in the gallery.

  • Hi-res JPG or PNG preferred, up to 5MB file size.
  • Cover image #1 must be JPG.
  • You may submit up to 5 images if you wish to show multiple elements of a brand or campaign.
  • MUST BE formatted in 16:9 ratio HORIZONTAL 1920 x 1080 preferred.
  • The form will also accept a multi-page PDF document if you would like to contribute it to the permanent AIGA Arizona archive, however, no pages of the PDF will be shown in the Best of 2022 online gallery.
  • Please use the following file naming convention:
    "Last Name_Agency_Title of Item_2022" (Example: Smith_StudioX_AcmeBrochure_2022.jpg)

Web/Interactive/Motion Projects

In addition to a still digital image requested above, please include the following.

Submitting a Story

Use this area to contribute a story about your experience with design in Arizona this past year. Any particular standout memory, acclaim you received or short quip you would like to share? What message would you like to leave to the future about where we've been as a design community, and where we're going? What do you feel has been your contribution to making Arizona what it is today?

Major Hint: This is our favorite thing to read and really helps the viewers connect with you and your entry! (150 words max)

Anything else?

Enter any comments or questions about your submission below. For general questions, send a note directly to the AIGA AZ Archive Team c/o Kathy Morgan

Ready To Submit? Just One More Step...

Please double-check all your entries for accuracy. AIGA Arizona cannot be responsible for errors or omissions in your submission. You will receive an email confirmation of this entry for your records.

Certification - By checking the box below, I hereby certify that I am the rightful owner, original creator and/or copyright owner of the work submitted, or that I have written permission from the rightful owner(s) to distribute, display and reproduce this submission. Furthermore, I authorize this submission to be reproduced, displayed and/or distributed by AIGA Arizona and AIGA in perpetuity, in whatever form it chooses, whether as a physical exhibition, digital catalog, website, printed, or other form.

Call for submissions is now closed

Have a previous year's project to contribute to the ongoing AIGA AZ Design Archive? Go ahead and use this form to send it in – just enter the original date it was created or launched. We're gradually building online galleries from all previous years' Best Of submissions, as well as any other noteworthy work for each year.