Ford Mustang Longboard by Victoria Whitcomb

Ford Mustang Longboard Ford Mustang Longboard Ford Mustang Longboard


Ford Mustang Longboard



Submission by

Victoria Whitcomb

Project Lead

Diana Cheek / Sr. Graphic Designer


The Ford Mustang has changed immensely over time. So, in this design, I juxtaposed the old and new together, as well as opposite colors, which also represent colors the cars can come in. The design is bright and no one else has a longboard that looks like this.

Victoria Whitcomb

I've been working at GCE since I was a freshman at GCU and I've been a part of amazing projects for both GCU and Phoenix School Districts. As we all know, Covid has been a big part of this year and watching it affect the marketing/advertising/design world was stressful and enlightening. Specifically for GCE, we had to come up with a way to help our clients move forward while Covid was happening. We all brainstormed, made presentations, talked to the clients, and got them excited for the future. Creating these new projects and seeing them come to life to help schools get back on their feet was very rewarding. Plus, students and parents were also being helped at the same time so it made it that much better.