PHX RIZ Brewery Branding

by Kameron Davis
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PHX RIZ Brewery Branding


PWR Design

Submission by

Kameron Davis

Project Lead

Kameron Davis / Kameron Davis


PHX RIZ Brewery is a personal project we worked on in July. When it comes to being branding agency, sometimes you have to create the catalog you would like to work with clients on. It’s like they don’t know what you are capable of until you do it. We are firm believers that work gets work.

With this brand, we wanted to do something fun for the local Phoenix community. Phx Riz is a brewery for every newly ‘turned 30’ professional to grab a beer and share some laughs. Come and get blown away by the monsoon shandy!

Featured Image of: Kameron Davis

Kameron Davis

I take any chance I get shout out the Phoenix design community! I lost my engineering job a little more than a year ago and was pretty sure I was going to go straight to being homeless, but I decided to go full time design and this community has provided me with opportunity after opportunity. I just want to thank everyone who has looked out for me! Yes the Arizona design community might be smaller than CA or NY, but that doesn't mean that the work we put out is any lesser.

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