Dagger Typeface

by Rachel den Dulk
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Dagger Typeface


Rachel den Dulk


Passion Project

Submission by

Rachel den Dulk

Project Lead

Denisse Montoya / Project Lead


I created a typeface to challenge myself professionally. I wanted to create a typeface from beginning to end that represented me as a designer and artist. I wanted a custom typeface that felt like it captured and represented the same values I want to present as a designer, professional and trustworthy, while still having some fun and funky edges. During this process, I explored what traits I want people to know me by while building on my technical skills and patience. The goal was to create a typeface that encompassed me. I met this by building letters on a grid with structure and then breaking the grid with fun curves and shapes to add a little spice.

Featured Image of: Rachel den Dulk

Rachel den Dulk

Being in Arizona for school is always inspiring to me. It is funny to me because if I can see desert influences and western touches in some of my work. I can look back and see the way the landscape, city, and people play a part in my work and that wouldn't be the case had I not chosen to go to go to school here. I think that every person makes a place what it is and I try to influence a place or people in little moments and interactions. Whether that is pointing out the beauty of our Arizona environment or smiling at a stranger.

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