Phoenix Design Week 2020: FUSE

by AIGA Arizona
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Phoenix Design Week 2020: FUSE


AIGA Arizona PHXDW Team in partnership with OH Partners and Matter Films


AIGA Arizona

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AIGA Arizona

Project Lead

Jenn Monroy / PHXDW Director for AIGA Arizona


For AIGA Arizona: Hanna Norris, Co-Director Nicole Norgren, Programming Director Anika Bausom, Programming Coordinator Ryan Lowry, Design Coordinator Kathy Morgan, Sponsorship & Advisory Director Tori Hauser, Designer LAVIDGE, Communications Partner OH Partners, Brand Agency Partner Adam Garcia, Associate Creative Director Scotty Cummings, Account Executive/Producer Travis Fetting, Sr. Designer/ Art Direction Cristian Hernandez, Graphic Designer Claudia Santana, Production Artist Michelle Wardle, Copywriter Shannon Doherty, Project Manager Veda Nagpurkar, Associate Creative Director Jose Duran, Jr. Art Director Joe Weber, Sr. Designer Richard Reid, Production Artist Marco Carcamo, Production Artist Matter Films, Video Agency Partner Kyle Gilbert/Michael Rausch, Producers Brandon Barnard, Director Alex Kline, Director of Photography User10, Web Agency Partner Andrew Phelps, Partner Robby Doyle, Front-End Developer

This brand and campaign were created to promote Phoenix Design Week, AIGA Arizona’s premier annual event. Normally, Phoenix Design Week (PHXDW) brings together hundreds of creative professionals from across the Southwest for a two-day professional conference and a week-­long series of presentations, workshops, and social events curated to inspire, strengthen, and showcase the Arizona design and creative community.

Although we started planning for 2020 as usual, AIGA Arizona – like the entire rest of the world – was presented the challenge of adapting all of the PHXDW events to the virtual space. Our branding agency OH Partners brilliantly pivoted midstream to create the theme FUSE:

Design is what happens when left and right brains fuse.

It’s being able to pivot and develop creative solutions during times of change. It’s the melding of technical skill and emotional resonance. It’s the balancing act of subscribing to methodic reason, yet having the ability to throw it all out based on a gut feeling.

Phoenix Design Week 2020: We share in your stories of success and struggle as we emerge stronger and watch our community fuse back together. Let’s explore that special blend of art and science behind every design we create.

Brand elements that feature strong solid colors and fonts combined with a pop-art halftone swirl were made to both stand out online as well as differentiate PHXDW 2020 from all previous years’ PHXDW brand identities. In addition to all the digital executions for the virtual space, a set of physical keepsake swag – personalized badges, buttons, coasters, stickets, t-shirts and more – was shipped to attendees to maintain the year-over-year continuity and connection experience that our community has come to expect from this popular annual design event.

Be sure to watch the video above to see the Addy-award winning work from Matter Films!

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From Jenn Monroy, AIGA AZ President Emeritus (2019-2021): What. A. Year. Unless you’ve been living under a rock (wait, haven’t we kind of all been doing that??), you’ve probably heard about 3000 times what a “unique” or “unprecedented” year 2020 was. That’s putting it mildly. A global pandemic, rampant social injustice, and an election cycle unlike any of us have experienced…but for AIGA AZ, some good was able to shine through. While we at AIGA AZ were sad to announce the cancellation of the 2-day live conference that has come to be the showcase event of Phoenix Design Week, we were able to pivot – TWICE – ultimately hosting a full 8 days of events, you guessed it – online – for the first time. We ended up with one freakin’ amazing turnout for our virtual week of events that spanned over 8 days, included nearly 60 online events, and brought in 340 attendees from around the world. The team launched the first online shop of official PHXDW 2020 swag as well as dedicated some digital space to help support local and drive business to local makers.

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