Inspiring Connection by Nicole Norgren

Inspiring Connection Inspiring Connection Inspiring Connection Inspiring Connection


Inspiring Connection

Submission by

Nicole Norgren

Project Lead

Amanda Harper / Creative Director


Nicole Norgren, Lead Designer

Arizona State University Foundation has a unique fundraising model that encourages donors to support programs inspired by their passions. To foster stronger personal connections, the Foundation engaged Canary Studio to create an installation that would showcase the organization’s impact and spirit of philanthropy. The resulting concept connects University research and personal passions with early origins of philanthropy. Abstracted individuals of all ages, genders and ethnicities are interwoven with areas of study such as space, science, the environment, community, health, and children. Accompanying phrases further describe individual ideologies for solving these complex, global challenges, directly connecting the donor to the impact of the Foundation and outcomes of giving. Layered elements of texture and colors pay homage the story of Prometheus, his love of humankind and his gift of fire. The collective work reveals the significance of human connection, humility, and serves as a daily reminder for those supporting the passions of those at Arizona State University.