Bigfoot in Giza by Emily Lane

Bigfoot in Giza


Bigfoot in Giza


Grand Canyon Education Ad Agency


History Channel

Submission by

Emily Lane

Project Lead

Diana Cheek / Senior Graphic Designer


Jessica Foncannon, Art Director Brian Blumer, Senior Marketing Manager Kayla Greenwood, Marketing Project Specialist Jason Boesel, Graphic Designer Jen Shibata, Junior Graphic Designer Holly Emerson, Student Graphic Designer Victoria Whitcomb, Student Graphic Designer Nicholas Mancuso, Student Graphic Designer Isaac Holtorf, Student Graphic Designer

The goal of this updated History Channel logo and "Bigfoot in Giza" is to match the branding to their shows. My solution met this goal by balancing practicality and creativity. At the time of this project, I lacked the creative drive to try something new, and this project ended the streak.

Emily Lane

Graphic design opens up many doors for me, and one of those is working alongside a team of passionate creatives. I have been working for the Grand Canyon Education Ad Agency for a little over a year now, and it offers me the opportunity to have an impact on design in Arizona. Our client base is primarily local elementary schools in need of marketing materials to boost enrollment, promote events, and increase school spirit. In the past year, we have provided designs as simple as door hangers to materials as complex as school bus wraps. Everything created for these schools is a step forward in improving a child's educational journey, and that is one of my most impactful contributions thus far in my design career. If we, as designers, continue to create for the good of others, we will continue to thrive as a design community.