Break Tradition Recruiting Campaign by Tiffany Mondejar

Break Tradition Recruiting Campaign Break Tradition Recruiting Campaign Break Tradition Recruiting Campaign Break Tradition Recruiting Campaign


Break Tradition Recruiting Campaign


HomeSmart International In-House Marketing Team


HomeSmart International

Submission by

Tiffany Mondejar

Project Lead

Tiffany Mondejar / Art Director


Adam Bauer, Vice President of Marketing Operations Tori Sokol, Director of Marketing & Communications Scott Cain, Developer Kevin Smart, Videographer/Photographer Daniel Tanner, Senior Designer Chey Knippelberg, Designer Nicole Kitzerow, Designer Dan King, Designer

At the start of 2020, the in-house marketing team at HomeSmart was tasked with creating an agent recruiting campaign that would help us crush our ambitious recruiting goals for the year. It's 2020, HomeSmart's 20th anniversary, and the company is creeping up on a milestone of 20,000 agents, all at once! We conceptualized the "Break Tradition" campaign to be our boldest, edgiest campaign to date — and we wanted to reimagine the messaging and visuals to match. As a brand, HomeSmart is more and more embracing a "rebel" persona as it continues to challenge industry norms and break traditions. The "Break Tradition" campaign adapted a sleeker, darker look with bold imagery, simple, strong headlines and minimal text. The nationwide campaign includes a new landing page for, a 60-sec recruiting video, weekly unique emails, a cover feature story in Real Estate magazine and a series of print ads to circulate in the same publication.

Tiffany Mondejar

As I'm sure has been the experience with many other design teams this year, we faced the challenge of starting out strong, then being hit by the rollercoaster that has been 2020 and the coronavirus pandemic. Our campaign was derailed a bit as we separated to work from home, and shifted our messaging to be softer and more supportive for agents that were struggling and uncertain, but as we pull into the fall we've revived the imagery and messaging as we, and our agent population, have adapted and recovered. We love the image of the back cover ad we selected to pair with our cover story in Real Estate magazine this year; we feel the female boxer — hands raised, confident and determined, ready to get in the game and fight — represents our resilience and determination to move forward and make progress with our goals and dreams.