taylor.wtf Brand Identity & Album Cover

by John Huber
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taylor.wtf Brand Identity & Album Cover



Submission by

John Huber

Project Lead

John Huber / Lead Creative


This is a brand identity for a multi-genre music producer going by the name of taylor.wtf

Taylor Whitley had lived in the Phoenix area his whole life and decided to see the US. He ended his lease, moved into a conversion van and hit the road. While adventuring around Wyoming, national parks, and the Pacific Northwest, he got the urge to get back into making music. While learning how to live the mobile life, and battle the weather with his two dogs, he got to working on his craft. Taylor was not only building a following with fans, but set his sights on licensing his instrumentals to songwriters, rappers and producers. He needed to stand out in an already very competitive industry. Taylor reached out to me to help him with his brand. He and I are long-time friends and colleagues, so I jumped at the chance to work with him. In a professional development course for music producers, he learned that producers who show their faces sell more, so in the early stages of the brand development process, we decided to lean into that and make Taylor the visual brand. A visual identity that revolved around the face graphic was chosen. taylor.wtf is not only on popular streaming platforms like iTunes and Spotify, but the brand also needed to resonate with industry professionals. Since implementing the new brand online, there has been an increase in the quality of connections and sample packs and beats have started to sell. taylor.wtf has had 2 beats featured in the top 20, on the Voisey app.

Deliverables on this project included: 4 logo marks, color standards (brand & UI) digital album cover, social media and streaming platform brand assets, business card, 7 stickers, and a 17 page brand identity guide

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John Huber

For the past 20 years I have worked as a creative here in Phoenix, and loved it. I have worked on everything from logos and packaging, to websites and mobile apps. I am currently working full time in digital product design, and take on branding clients. Having friends in the design scene here in Phoenix has been more valuable now more than ever to get through an otherwise pretty bad year.

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