Kyrene School District Preschool Brochure by Sharon McGrath

Kyrene School District Preschool Brochure


Kyrene School District Preschool Brochure


Kyrene School District In-House


Kyrene School District, Community Education

Submission by

Sharon McGrath

Project Lead

Sharon McGrath / Art Direction, Graphic Design


Kyrene launched several new preschool programs and needed an updated brochure that included all the programs to help the public understand the difference in offerings as they consist of several signature and community preschool programs.

Sharon McGrath

I really enjoy working as a communications designer within an educational organization. This position gives me a renewed appreciation for some of the foundations of design/creativity such as innovation, intuition, creative and critical thinking. It is rewarding to be part of a larger mission that supports student growth and achievement. For the 2020 year so far—it’s been quite a journey with many adjustments and new ways of doing things. It’s been amazing to see how quickly everyone responded and adapted to the pandemic while successfully converting to an online learning platform!