The Traveler 2020 by Michelle Blomberg

The Traveler 2020 The Traveler 2020 The Traveler 2020 The Traveler 2020 The Traveler 2020


The Traveler 2020


GCC Design Studio Class


Glendale Community College, AZ

Submission by

Michelle Blomberg

Project Lead

Iran Nolasco / Graphic Designer, Illustrator


Shea McCrohan, Graphic Designer, Illustrator Ethan Feilbach, Graphic Designer Pedro Hernandez, Graphic Designer Kayla Miller, Illustrator David Cruz, Illustrator

The Traveler entry is the 53rd edition of this student-produced creative arts publication. This publication showcases the art and writing of the students of Glendale Community College in Arizona. The theme this year was inspired by vintage wildlife and plant field guides. We used this theme to showcase a variety of the flora of the state of Arizona. The design encouraged us to learn more about the state of Arizona as one of the most diverse locations for different climates and biomes; avoiding the stereotypes of only being a hot desert. Each section in the book is dedicated to a different biome found in our state and illustrates the plants found in each biome. Designing this project was the most exciting design project I’ve worked on for a design class. All the designers in the group worked hard to bring this project together during the pandemic. Our goal was to make sure that it was something fun that would be appealing and educational, keeping the spirit of Arizona wildlife alive.