AZ Sticker Project by Jason Boesel

AZ Sticker Project AZ Sticker Project AZ Sticker Project AZ Sticker Project AZ Sticker Project


AZ Sticker Project





Submission by

Jason Boesel

Project Lead

Jason Boesel / Graphic Designer


I grew up in and love AZ. I have been all over the state and not traveling in 2020 due to the pandemic has been tough. Building stickers and designs that celebrate our great state has helped me to cope while in quarantine. It functions as a way for me to reminisce and reflect on my previous trips to the cities, national parks and landmarks that make up Arizona.

Jason Boesel

If there is any one thing that I have learned in the last year, it's to just be yourself. I know that is cliche, but I say that with conviction, because this was the first year that I actively worked to put my inner-critic on silent mode. By doing that, I have been able to channel more of my personality into my work, and produce stuff that I am proud of and excited to share with others. It's been pretty rad.