Phoenix Design Week 2019: Evolve Design by Kathy Morgan

Phoenix Design Week 2019: Evolve Design Phoenix Design Week 2019: Evolve Design Phoenix Design Week 2019: Evolve Design Phoenix Design Week 2019: Evolve Design Phoenix Design Week 2019: Evolve Design


Phoenix Design Week 2019: Evolve Design


Phoenix Design Week Team & Agency Partners


AIGA Arizona

Submission by

Kathy Morgan

Project Lead

Mike Marinello / Phoenix Design Week 2019 Director


Kathy Morgan, Phoenix Design Week 2019 Co-Director Ryan Lowry / Ideas Collide, PHXDW 2019 Brand Design Director Eric Lassen / WoodShack Creative, Video Director Jenn Monroy / LAVIDGE, PHXDW 2019 Communications Agency Aaron Kilby / Artisan Colour, PHXDW 2019 Print Partner Matt Adams / Factor 1 Studios, PHXDW 2019 Website Development Anika Bausom, PHXDW 2019 Programming Coordinator Beth Cochran & Breanne Krager/ WiredPR, PHXDW 2019 Public Relations Team Matthew Engdall & Rachel Abrams, Design Support Steffan Stewart, Mark Johnston, Quinn Murphy, Ronna Encarnación, Scott Biersack, Illustrators Brian Stevens, PHXDW 2019 Logistics Director Aaron Thomason, PHXDW 2019 Web Content Manager Bob Case, Animation and Illustration Kaitlin Case, Design and Illustration Mike Mason / Nicholas Winter / Ideas Collide Design Team, Creative Direction and Design Zulma Jacquez, PHXDW 2019 Volunteer Director Julie Ray / Samantha Sterk, PHXDW 2019 Sponsorship Team Nicole Norgren, PHXDW 2019 Community Events Director Jonathan Peters, PHXDW 2019 Audio Visual Director

This brand and campaign were created to promote Phoenix Design Week, AIGA Arizona’s premier annual event. Each year, Phoenix Design Week (PHXDW) brings together hundreds of creative professionals from across the Southwest for a week-­long series of presentations, workshops, and social events curated to inspire, strengthen, and showcase the Arizona design and creative community. The week is anchored by a two-day professional conference, branded “Evolve Design” for 2019.

2019 marked the beginning of a new decade for Phoenix Design Week, which was first presented in 2009. In recognition of how much has changed in the design field during the past 10 years — from styles to software — and the degree that designers are increasingly being called upon to contribute to all aspects of the world today, Evolve Design recognizes our ability to adapt to whatever may come in the future. Undulating forms, holographic materials, and an on-trend color palette evoke the magic and mystery of the creative experience.

We do not stand still. We change. We grow. We adapt.
And we embrace the ever-morphing craft of design.
We learn. We experience. We experiment. And we never stop moving forward.
We participate. We support. We engage.
And we contribute to our bold and diverse design community.
We evolve.
Let’s evolve together.
Join the evolution at PHXDW.

AIGA Arizona’s PHXDW team handles overall project management, creative direction, graphic execution and event production in multi-disciplinary collaboration with our designated agency partners:
Overall brand identity, design themes and opening video were created by Ideas Collide; all communications media (strategy, social and paid internet ads) and associated graphics and animations by LAVIDGE; public relations by WiredPR; web development by Factor 1 Studios, animation by WoodShack Creative and Bob Case: plus production support from premier print partner Artisan Colour, along with Roswell Bookbinding, boompromo and AlphaGraphics.

Kathy Morgan

On the very date of Arizona's shutdown on March 13, 2020, were thrilled when Phoenix Design Week 2019 was awarded a Gold Addy in Integrated Branded Content Campaign, along with Art Direction of the Year from AAF. Here's to seeing everyone in person again in 2021!