High Fliers Branding + UI/UX

by Steffan Stewart
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High Fliers Branding + UI/UX




High Fliers

Submission by

Steffan Stewart

Project Lead

Colton Barry / Steffan Stewart


Colton Barry, Creative Direction / UX/UI Design Lead Steffan Stewart, Creative Direction Devin Gritton, Logo Animation

HighFliers approached us unsure of how to communicate their message best. They had a visual identity, but it didn’t fulfill the luxurious image they were looking for - their brand was in need of desperate help, especially as they were in the midst of building and launching their new dating application. We stepped in and were tasked with establishing a brand identity and culture that communicated these ideas of success, excellence, and exclusivity.

We started with the brand - after defining HighFliers with a more imaginative/pioneering personality, we dove into logo concepts. We landed on a final mark, which we call “The Pilot”. Every HighFliers member is a doer - they don’t just go with the flow, they are hungry, success-driven, and passionate; they challenge the norm and strive for greatness - they are pilots of their own lives, and wear their HF membership as a badge of honor. With this considered along with the luxurious nature of the brand, the final mark is a sleek HF monogram with wings - a symbol of success, strength, and appreciation of quality and earning your wings as a member of this awesome, exclusive club.

We then worked to build out a solid UX/UI foundation for the application, leveraging the newly built brand. While the HF team is in the early phases of the platform, the reception of the new brand has been met with nothing but positivity and excitement, and we're stoked to watch them soar!

Featured Image of: Steffan Stewart

Steffan Stewart

2020 certainly hasn't been without its complications. Just as with may other businesses, creative or otherwise, it has of course made things difficult to navigate. Despite this, we've pushed through and worked on some amazing projects with amazing people! We've won a handful of awards this year for our work, and while it's a huge win for us, these awards are for the Arizona Design Community as a whole. While cities like LA, NYC, Portland, etc. are designer destinations, it's important to us that Phoenix/AZ is on the map. Some of the most amazing creatives on the planet live in this very state and we'd like that message to be heard loud and clear - we hope these small wins help to amplify that message and make Arizona the destination state for creators of all walks.

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