Marmas Packaging / Branding

by Steffan Stewart
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Marmas Packaging / Branding



Submission by

Steffan Stewart

Project Lead

Steffan Stewart / Colton Barry


Steffan Stewart - Creative Direction + Design Colton Barry - Creative Direction Devin Gritton - Animation

4Front wanted to re-evaluate their product brands and packaging as they were generic, slightly off-putting, and didn't speak to the quality of their products. Our goal was to build packaging that was unique, attractive, and embraced the quality and experience of their edible products.

We decided to go crazy and build packaging unlike anything in the cannabis/edible market. As Marmas are gummy edibles that come in a variety of colors and flavors, we wanted to appeal to the sweet, sugary taste, while also building a fun, colorful, psychedelic design system that was super modular. Overall, the brand was intended for a more west coast demographic, we wanted to build the design system in a way that was consistent with the chill, out of this world experience they were not only looking for, but that Marmas provides upon consumption.

The 4Front team immediately fell in love with the direction and gave us the green light to move forward!

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Steffan Stewart

2020 certainly hasn't been without its complications. Just as with may other businesses, creative or otherwise, it has of course made things difficult to navigate. Despite this, we've pushed through and worked on some amazing projects with amazing people! We've won a handful of awards this year for our work, and while it's a huge win for us, these awards are for the Arizona Design Community as a whole. While cities like LA, NYC, Portland, etc. are designer destinations, it's important to us that Phoenix/AZ is on the map. Some of the most amazing creatives on the planet live in this very state and we'd like that message to be heard loud and clear - we hope these small wins help to amplify that message and make Arizona the destination state for creators of all walks.

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