Air Force Enrollment Portal by Amanda Gulley

Air Force Enrollment Portal


Air Force Enrollment Portal


EdPlus at Arizona State University


Air Force

Submission by

Amanda Gulley

Project Lead

Jeroel Padilla / Sr. UX Design Strategist


Director, Solutions Engineering, Chandi Cumaranatunge UX and Design Manager, Amanda Gulley UX Designer, Derek Brennan UX Researcher, Madison Delaney Assistant Director of Strategic Partnerships, Adria Roode Project Manager, Hasrah Thomas Web Applications Developer, Dean Pokrajac Web Applications Developer, Santosh Vijay Web Applications Developer, Jesse Reese Web Applications Developer, David Lemus

First of its kind

The AirForce portal has completely revolutionized the way the AirForce delivers education to Airmen. EdPlus delivered this state-of-the-art enrollment portal with countless features that support learners in their journey to further their education within the AirForce.

Features include the ability for a learner to review the program outline and their overall program progression, view announcements, register for courses, view course descriptions, access their courses, connect to a support specialist and can all be accessible from your mobile device.