ASU Online Redesign by Amanda Gulley

ASU Online Redesign


ASU Online Redesign


EdPlus at Arizona State University


ASU Online

Submission by

Amanda Gulley

Project Lead

Jeroel Padilla / Sr. UX Design Strategist


UX and Design Manager, Amanda Gulley Assoc. Director of Marketing Technology and Analytics, Jonathan Carroll Sr. Director, Creative and Technology, Matt Rhoton Web Applications Developer, Dipak Purbey Maria Ritchie, Dipak Purbey UX Researcher, Madison Delaney Content Manager, Allison Mills Web Content Manager, Sarah Mason Sr. Marketing Content Specialist, Amanda Stoneman Quality Assurance Manager, Ramya Rao Project Manager, Nicole Shumate Marketing Systems Analyst, Amir Nourani

The home page was the first page on ASU Online to be migrated into the Rocket Design System (RDS). With this change, we wanted to be more purposeful with the content across the page.

Utilizing animations more broadly not only improved student engagement, but also created a more delightful user experience through dynamic storytelling.

After the redesign of the degree pages, the ASU Online website saw a 5% increase in customer satisfaction, 25% increase in the net promoter score and an overall 18% increase in form conversions.

Through extensive competitor research we found that little effort was put into the design of how content was displayed for degree seekers. Instead of forcing the content to fit the design, we instead reimagined an experience where design led the content.

This allowed for a more visual and emotional connection to our students. We were able to incorporate more imagery, enhanced navigation, additional content and features, which resulted in a more premium experience for the student.