Starbucks College Achievement Plan Redesign

by Amanda Gulley
featured image:Starbucks College Achievement Plan Redesign


Starbucks College Achievement Plan Redesign



Submission by

Amanda Gulley

Project Lead

Auryan Ratliff / Sr. Design Ops Strategist


UX and Design Manager (UX Research) - Amanda Gulley Sr. Marketing Content Specialist (Copywriting), Amanda Stoneman One Origin (Development) Amir Nourani (Analytics), Marketing Systems Analyst Sarah Mason (SEO), Web Content Manager Ramya Rao (QA), Manager, Quality Assurance

In 2020, this single page landing page was transformed into a multipage website. This redesign reduced the barrier to entry through direct access to the application, increased traffic by 78% and set partners up for success by providing additional information around support services and degrees information directly on the site

Utilizing the Starbucks brand more prominently across the site provided partners with a more familiar experience during their discovery of Arizona State University. Partners felt more trusting with the brand they already knew, which is important when considering the emotional response of pursuing higher education.

Partners are now converting more frequently on their first visit due to the three additional pages of information that is readily accessible to them. Enrollment coaches are also receiving less support calls due to these enhancements.

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