Diamond of the Desert

by Alison King
featured image:Diamond of the Desert


Diamond of the Desert


Ligature LLC

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Alison King

Project Lead

Alison King / Alison King


The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation and Spoke Art Gallery invited Alison King to illustrate another iconic Wright home for their "Timeless" series of pop art posters, intended to make Wright's work more accessible to young collectors. Wright's Boomer House plan is based on a grid of triangles, diamonds and hexes, so the grid was tilted up to guide the poster's geometry. The ocotillo, clouds and stones embedded in the desert masonry all follow a skewed triangle grid.

Backlit by a series of setting suns, the cool landscape in the foreground shows the shady respite from a long day in July, when quail will finally come out to play.

Reflecting the "Timeless" theme and leveraging the pop art vibe, the stage is set as a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

Featured Image of: Alison King

Alison King

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