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by Quan Long
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Quan Long

Project Lead

Quan Long / Project Lead


Andrew Phelps, Creative Director Endre Horvath, Developer

Noms Back Shop, a place to order cookies as custom corporate and personal gifts, came to us with conversion problems. Their customers loved the product and most of them buy more than once, but they always need help from customer service to complete placing orders.

Noms wanted the new design to focus on helping corporate customers easily make big orders on their own primarily, so Noms could be prepared for the upcoming holiday season, which is the most profitable time (expected to generate more than 75% of their revenue). At the same time, other customers who come to Noms purchasing personal gifts can have a seamless and delightful online shopping experience as well.

Based on this business challenge, our solution is to offer 2 different checkout paths for the 2 types of target customers individually – 3-step Normal Checkout for users making small orders, and 3-step Bulk-Order Checkout for corporate customers making big orders more than 20 boxes per order. Different from normal checkout flow, which asks users to order custom gifts one-by-one, bulk order allows corporate users to upload a spreadsheet first, and then customize one type of gift for all receivers. The result went very well; just a few days after launching the new site, they have already seen a 5-time jump in their conversion rate without any targeted traffic or ads.

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Quan Long

Before moving to Arizona last summer, I sent hundreds of LinkedIn messages to local designers, asking for "local UI/UX characteristics". Responses I got mentioned Phoenix is a UI-heavy place, 70% UI vs. 30% UX. I didn't have a strong feeling about this tendency, but also wasn't loving it. I enjoy the athletic part but also need rationale for my design decisions. However, after my first year in AZ, I found both the design process and the expectations of clients have all been evolving. Clients I talked to expect designers not just to beautify their products, but also see us an indispensable part of bringing stakholders tegother to ask the right questions and define actionable missions throught gaining a thourgh understanding of how and why users are using the product. I'm excited to see UI/UX deisgn as a whole is offering a larger and larger value for achieving business goals.

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