Wildfire Nature Logo Design & Branding

by Rachel Perez
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Wildfire Nature Logo Design & Branding



Submission by

Rachel Perez

Project Lead

Rachel Perez / Owner, Creative Director, Visual Storyteller


The Wildfire Nature logo and brand identity project embodies the essence of a dynamic and forward-thinking creative agency that embraces rapid growth and unwavering determination. Wildfire Nature, a full-service agency specializing in video solutions for brand awareness and retention challenges, sought to craft a brand identity that visually represented its core values and commitment to positive change.

They approached Composion with a vision rooted in the idea of 'wildfire'—representing boundless passion and 'nature'—reflecting the intrinsic essence of individuals. They aim for positive change by partnering with clients who share a higher purpose, and their people-first approach inspired the creative process for the brand.

The resulting logo design employs triangles that abstractly and subtly form the letters 'W' and 'N' for 'Wildfire Nature.' Each triangle with three points represents the connection between Wildfire Nature, their clients, and their clients' audiences coming together to create something meaningful. Together, the shapes form a landscape rectangle, representative of ultra-wide screen sizes used in videos, symbolizing the agency's expertise.

The modern, simplistic nature of this design allows it to work effectively in various applications and sizes. The design also lends itself well to creative applications, where the triangle shapes can be used as a design element or filled with images to add visual interest. A vibrant color scheme and bold, contemporary typeface underline the agency's dynamic personality.

Additionally, a brand guidelines document was created to ensure consistent application of the logo, color scheme, and typefaces across various contexts. This resource serves as a navigational tool, enabling the agency to maintain a unified visual brand identity.

The solution not only met the client's goals but also became significant in representing Wildfire Nature's unique positioning in the industry. It captures a point in time where creative agencies are redefining brand storytelling and video solutions.

Featured Image of: Rachel Perez

Rachel Perez

It's been an awesome year for Composion! I've had the pleasure of working with a wide variety of fantastic clients (many who are local to AZ, like Wildfire Nature!) and bringing their visions to life through design, which is my absolute passion. One of the highlights of this year was my involvement with AIGA Arizona, where I took on the role of Communications Director for Phoenix Design Week. I love being part of the amazing community of designers we have here in Arizona, and I can’t wait to get even more involved!

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