Home Page Redesign – phoenix.edu by Liz Magura

Home Page Redesign – phoenix.edu Home Page Redesign – phoenix.edu Home Page Redesign – phoenix.edu


Home Page Redesign – phoenix.edu


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University of Phoenix

Submission by

Liz Magura

Project Lead

Liz Magura / Creative Director UX/UI Design


Jeff Preston, VP Executive Creative Director Liz Magura, Creative Director UX/UI Design Claudia Provencio, Creative Director, Copywriting Vera Springett, Associate Creative Director Lindsey Hency, Sr. UX/UI Designer Domonic Patrick, Sr. UI Designer Harry Zhang, Sr. UX Researcher Jennifer Jost, Sr. Director phoenix.edu Marcus Martin, Director of Product Management

Accounting for nearly 40% of all entry page traffic, the Phoenix.edu homepage is one of the most visited and important destinations for prospective students. The home page had been fairly static for several years, and it was time to reimagine the front door to opportunties for our students. The team took a deep dive into the live page template, created four variations of design and messaging to take into a user study. We were focused on finding the right direction for our users. Based on a favored layout from the study, the team gathered insights to implement into a wireframe exploration to really nail the content structure. Design and copy refinement came next, along with a few rounds of AB testing. While the solution was a beautiful design, the performance was not what we had expected. The team quickly pivoted to reimagine the testing plan to guide us to a winning design.