Bikehaven Vacation Home

by Julie Bonner
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Bikehaven Vacation Home

Submission by

Julie Bonner

Project Lead

Julie Bonner / Creative Director


Jeff Brack of Active Tucson Stays, Writer Scott Cook of Fine Line Photo, Photographer Julie Bonner of Julie Originals, Muralist

The design of Bikehaven, my vacation home, and its brand embodies a meticulously crafted vision that seamlessly incorporates unique offerings and natural surroundings into every aspect.

Nestled in central Tucson, Bikehaven offers an exceptional location adjacent to The Loop, allowing guests to explore the city on complimentary bicycles. The commitment to local essence is evident in the five desert murals I painted throughout the home.

Beyond a location, Bikehaven is an unforgettable experience, accommodating groups of up to 10 people. It marks my first venture into translating concepts into physical spaces and crafting a brand that resonates with the property's soul.

The branding journey expertly integrates Bikehaven's distinct character into everything, from rooms to marketing materials. The brand identity extends to tangible items like the welcome book, business cards, signage, and water bottles, fostering a memorable connection with guests.

This dedication yields results; we've achieved Superhost status on Airbnb with over 20 5.0-star reviews. Bikehaven transcends a mere vacation home; it's a destination where design, hospitality, and Tucson's spirit converge, offering guests an immersive desert experience. In conclusion, Bikehaven's meticulous design and brand should unquestionably be considered for the best of awards, embodying the essence of its location, amenities, and surroundings.

Featured Image of: Julie Bonner

Julie Bonner

I'm thrilled to have created a new space in Arizona for visitors to enjoy! I love sharing the desert art I painted with guests in our new vacation home, Bikehaven. Although Tucson is growing, I love that we are doing a better job of paying homage to our history than in the past. I hope we continue to keep that in mind for the future. I am designing another home and brand in downtown Tucson throughout this next year! It will be very 1950s to match the year the house was built. I will continue collaborating with other Arizona creatives for these large projects!

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