Stay at Home Pal Video by Hana Alanis

Stay at Home Pal Video Stay at Home Pal Video Stay at Home Pal Video Stay at Home Pal Video Stay at Home Pal Video


Stay at Home Pal Video

Submission by

Hana Alanis

Project Lead

Hana Alanis / Creative Director + Owner


With a generous grant from the Arizona COVID-19 Community Response Fund put together by the Arizona Community Foundation, I was able to create this video for nonprofit Pal Experiences to help families impacted by Autism and developmental disabilities better understand how to navigate this uncertain time.
Shot completely on cell phones, I directed, scripted, shot and edited the Stay at Home Pal in under 2 weeks, becoming the fasted produced Pal program to date. It was necessary to disseminate our video quickly to help alleviate stress many children and families were experiencing.

Just having someone else model behaviors is scientifically proven to help on a sensory and understanding level, and recognizing that other families just like yours are living through the new COVID requirements makes the viewer feel less alone.