Passion Project: Postcard & Sticker Series

by Rebecca Otte
featured image:Passion Project: Postcard & Sticker Series


Passion Project: Postcard & Sticker Series





Submission by

Rebecca Otte

Project Lead

Jen Shibata / Graphic Designer


Rebecca Otte, Graphic Designer

My postcard series was designed for GCE’s 2022 Passion Project, a project our agency does every year as an outreach to our company and as a personal opportunity for creative growth. My postcard series theme was “Celestial Nature” with each postcard having a specific emphasis on the sun, moon, or stars. I combined quotes, typography, and digitally drawn imagery to convey a message of gratitude and thankfulness that could be shared between friends and colleagues.

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I am not a resident of Arizona, but a mid-westerner who has been blown away by her talented Arizonan colleagues. They have challenged me to try different artistic techniques as well as to expand my creative visions. I do not necessarily feel as if I have contributed to Arizona, but Arizona has certainly contributed to my creative growth.

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