Passion Project: Postcard & Sticker Series

by Kyle Peterson
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Passion Project: Postcard & Sticker Series





Submission by

Kyle Peterson

Project Lead

Jen Shibata / Graphic Designer


Kyle Peterson, Graphic Designer

Step into the whimsical world of imagination and vintage cartoon characters with this postcard series. Designed as an exercise in creativity, this small collection transports the viewer into a bygone era while adding a twist of contemporary humor. Each postcard features an original cartoon character stylized from the iconic 1930s rubberhose animations.

This series takes classic figures of speech and gives them a playful spin where the characters are living them out, literally. Postcards where you can literally see the home going big, bread winning all the money and the candle being burnt at both ends. Each postcard is designed to be part of a uniform series where each takes you back to watching Saturday morning cartoons when you were a kid but with undertones only an adult could relate to.

These postcards are perfect for sending to friends and loved ones, offering a humorous gesture. This series allows you to relive the joy of wordplay and timeless charm of rubberhose characters, each with their own personality.

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The world of graphic design is full of endless possibilities only limited by the imagination. Sometimes as a professional designer, it is important to remember that we shouldn’t be afraid to try something we may fail at. There is a big temptation to just keep to what we know because its worked before. Familiarity is the enemy of creativity. Being able to try a new style, hone a technique and reach a different audience helps to keep the inspiration spark alive. I'm grateful to work for an agency, Grand Canyon Education (GCE), that provides the opportunity to explore passion projects.

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