Passion Project: Postcard & Sticker Series

by Kaleigh VanDam
featured image:Passion Project: Postcard & Sticker Series featured image two:Passion Project: Postcard & Sticker Series


Passion Project: Postcard & Sticker Series





Submission by

Kaleigh VanDam

Project Lead

Jen Shibata / Graphic Designer


Kaleigh VanDam, Graphic Designer

These postcards are part of Grand Canyon Education’s passion project. The goal was for each designer to create their own themed postcards to send as a Christmas gift to GCE’s marketing department. These postcards are a vibrant homage to the psychedelic patterns of the swinging 60s, inviting you to bask in the warm hues of light pink and light blue while spreading messages of appreciation and goodwill. The intricate, swirling patterns evoke a sense of euphoria and nostalgia. The pastel color palette, reminiscent of a summer sky, adds a touch of serenity. These “groovy gratitude” postcards are a charming way to brighten someone’s day.

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My GCE design team and Arizona community continues to fuel my love and passion for design. Being part of a larger community reminds me that my work impacts not just GCU students, but also the community as a whole.

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