Passion Project: Postcard & Sticker Series

by Jen Shibata
featured image:Passion Project: Postcard & Sticker Series featured image two:Passion Project: Postcard & Sticker Series


Passion Project: Postcard & Sticker Series





Submission by

Jen Shibata

Project Lead

Jen Shibata / Graphic Designer


Last year I had the privilege of leading a passion project for Grand Canyon Education’s design team. The purpose of the project was to create postcards to send words of encouragement to team members and loved ones. Each designer on our team created their own themed set of postcards. I chose to create a floral design inspired by the act of growing and blooming. I appreciate nature’s floral beauty and think that everyone deserves to be sent some sunshine. As a team, we collectively distributed over 230 sets of 33 different themed postcards to all of GCE’s marketing department as a Christmas gift.

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Leading this passion project was a great reminder that inspiration, talent and encouragement comes from those all around you. I loved participating in a project that included working with designers at many different stages of life: students, junior designers, mid-level designers and art directors all brought valuable insights to the table. Arizona is full of talented design communities. I am grateful to have led a postcard passion project with my GCE design community that is spreading encouragement through one postcard at a time.

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