Passion Project: Postcard & Sticker Series

by Ali Zigerelli
featured image:Passion Project: Postcard & Sticker Series


Passion Project: Postcard & Sticker Series





Submission by

Ali Zigerelli

Project Lead

Jen Shibata / Graphic Designer


Ali Zigerelli, Graphic Designer

Each year GCE grants designers the opportunity to create a self-driven design project. 2022’s print medium was postcards, and I was compelled to challenge myself to create a series that drew inspiration from the vibrant and dynamic aesthetic of the 1990’s. Tiny polka-dots, squiggly lines and a neon color palette act as a backdrop for words and phrases that were popular slang terms of the decade. Playful compositions in contrast with black and white checkered elements made creating these designs a ton of fun!

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My work within Arizona this past year has been an exploration of new color palettes, playful yet impactful typography and new techniques utilizing artificial intelligence. As a designer I try to remain constantly aware of the impact my work has on my community of fellow designers and the general public who view and interact with my work. I am ever mindful of the effect design can have on society and hope that whatever I create is beneficial and positive.

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