Estoy Pensando en Ti

by Sofia Garcia
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Estoy Pensando en Ti


Sofia Garcia



Submission by

Sofia Garcia

Project Lead

Sofia Garcia / Graphic Designer


To my family, thank you for sharing letters, photos, and memories of my grandfather's life. And to my mother Berenice, thank you for telling me stories of my grandfather and providing the text for his story and legacy.

I created pamphlets to be shared during my grandfather's service so that I could share his story with everyone who came. His service was in Capula Michoacán Mexico. At this time, my grandfather had been living with my family at our home in Phoenix from the start of the pandemic.

Being a first-generation Mexican American, it was important to me to share his story and reflect on our family's journey from immigrating to Mexico. I am proud to represent my family and culture through my grandfather's stories and grateful to have been a part of his service.

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I designed a pamphlet and video to introduce my grandfather to my younger cousins and family members who never had the chance to meet him. Music was a big part of his life, particularly jazz and bolero music. Therefore, I included the titles of his favorite songs in the design to pay homage to him. My grandfather's symbolism of the monarch butterfly was another detail. As butterflies migrate from Michoacán to the US, my grandfather moved his family from Mexico to the US. Two pamphlet designs exist, each with a different cover. Together, they complete the butterfly.

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