Sonoran Desert Naturals Product Line

by Katy Geary
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Sonoran Desert Naturals Product Line

Submission by

Katy Geary

Project Lead

Katy Geary / Owner + Creative Director


In addition to designing the new company logo and overall branding for Sonoran Desert Naturals, Geary Graphic Design, LLC designed four individual product labels that pay homage to both the company name and the beautiful landscape and environment Arizona provides. Sonoran Desert Naturals promotes safe and effective treatments towards pain and stress management. The health of our Arizona community (and beyond) is important and this project supports that mission. Additionally, small businesses in Arizona are essential for economic stability and we are committed to supporting small local business owners and their marketing efforts. Design of the labels required and overall theme design and expertise in layout, typography, photography, formatting, content organization, proofing, and printing preparation.

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Katy Geary

It is such an honor to watch our clients increase their close rates, grow partnerships, and set themselves apart from their competitors as a result of our collaborative work together. We believe design is much more than just a pretty picture, although prettiness is a perk! Design is the heart and soul of your brand, and it has the power to completely transform your business. Over the past year, we’ve unlocked long-term love for people’s brands in Arizona and have set the stage for strong lasting connections with their customers worldwide.

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